The gentleman’s indispensable raincoat: the trench coat

Roger Stone The Daily Caller's Men's Fashion Editor
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Every man’s closet must contain a trench coat. It’s hard for any gentleman not to look dashing when clad in this swashbuckling style.

First utilized in France for trench warfare in World War I, the trench coat was designed to button high on the chest and includes a gusset to button tightly around the throat, as well as straps to keep the sleeves closed. The entire affair is designed to keep rain and mud off the doughboy wearing one.

You will, of course, feel like you have stepped out of a John le Carré spy novel. When wearing a trench coat, you’re allowed to act like Humphrey Bogart when he was detective Sam Spade.

Burberry makes the best version of the traditional trench coat, which can have a zipper and button-in lining for colder climes. The belt, which comes standard, should never be buckled but must be casually knotted at the waist.

This is without question a gentlemen’s required raincoat.

Roger Stone is a well-known Republican political consultant and is a veteran of eight national Republican presidential campaigns. He’s also the men’s fashion correspondent for The Daily Caller and editor of Stonezone.com.