Retired 3-star general: Women’s groups, gay lobby ‘apologists for the Muslim Brotherhood’ [VIDEO]

David Martosko Executive Editor
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Retired 3-star general William Boykin told The Daily Caller that Sharia law, if implemented in some parts of America, would threaten the rights of gays and women — two groups whose advocacy groups have defended the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The left has become apologists for the Muslim Brotherhood — that includes not only the gay and lesbian movement, but it includes the women’s movement,” Boykin told TheDC’s Ginni Thomas. “It includes the Marxists. It includes the environmentalists.”

But Islamists would immediately turn and attack gays and women, Boykin warned, if they were to set up their own underground justice system to arbitrate Sharia law — as they have already done in parts of England and France.

“If we had Sharia [law] in America, homosexuality would be punishable by death,” he warned. “A woman going outside of her home without a blood-relative male would be punished. A woman accused of adultery would be stoned. And the women’s movement in America has yet to stand up and say, ‘We are not going to allow our daughters to be forced into anything that they don’t want to, particularly a forced marriage.’ And this is happening all over.”

Boykin cautioned that so-called honor killings, a feature of Sharia that permits family members to kill someone whose behavior is counter to Muslim law, are already too common in the United States.

“How many honor killings have we had in America as the result of some westernized young Muslim girl who just wants to enjoy the freedoms that every other American girl enjoys — has been punished, in some cases by death, for stepping outside of the norms of what her father’s expectations are? That’s Sharia.”

The rest of General Boykin’s interview will be online Monday morning, only at The Daily Caller.

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