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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Lt. Gen. William Boykin

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When Lt. Gen. (Retired) William G. “Jerry” Boykin speaks about faith, he angers Washington progressives. After 36 years of service in the Army, Boykin now writes books and speaks. The three-star general is also an ordained minister who thinks America’s shining light is flickering.

Last month, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point heard enough from Boykin’s adversaries to prevent him from speaking at a prayer breakfast. Washington Post religion blogger Sally Quinn even called for the person who invited Boykin to be fired.

Our nation may not negotiate with terrorists, but given what happened with Boykin at West Point it seems that we freely negotiate with progressives and groups who align themselves with radical Islamists — the sometimes not-too-distant forces interested in silencing dissent and influencing the training of our soldiers.

Jerry Boykin speaks candidly. His video essay about America turning toward Marxism went viral last year, was shared more than 92,000 times on Facebook and has been tweeted more than 4,200 times. In this interview with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, Boykin talks about the West Point incident, Attorney General Eric Holder’s defense of a drone killing a U.S. citizen, the latest soldier incident in Afghanistan, and his video warning about America’s future.

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Who was responsible for causing West Point to cancel your invitation to speak on faith and leadership?

Talk about your video that went viral?

How dangerous is the world today?

Have we been penetrated?

Where are the feminists who should be fighting against Shariah law?

Your reaction to the latest US soldier incident in Afghanistan?

Discuss Kevin Freeman’s theory that we were the victims of economic terrorism on Sept. 11, 2008.

What gives you hope?

Do you have any reaction to a speech by Attorney General Holder recently that justified killing an American with a drone attack last year?

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