TheDC distills George Washington’s whiskey

Christopher Bedford Former Editor in Chief, The Daily Caller News Foundation
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Now, we know what folks were thinking: This was bound to happen eventually. One minute, The Daily Caller has nudity, the next they start cracking beers and before you know it — the hard stuff. Or in this case, the Hard Copy.

But there is one thing all the haters forgot. When the gang at TheDC has a party, it isn’t just personal — it’s professional. And so, ever the happy warriors, we will take that bulleit and assemble the slideshows, test the beers, sample the cocktails and use the empties to build a fortress to keep the haters out while we type it all up for the good readers of TheDC.

What will Hard Copy be about, you ask? Well, in a phrase, the hard stuff, from illegal moonshine to legal cocktails, but in the tradition of the people of the United States — inventors of the cocktail, mind you — we’re starting at the beginning: Gen. George Washington’s Virginia estate, Mount Vernon.


Hell yeah.

Keep an eye out for the launch of TheDC’s Hard Copy, as we take a tour of the alpha male of the Founding Fathers’ distillery and get our hands dirty over three days, as a group of master distillers recreate that mighty slayer-of-Red-Coats-and-defender-of-liberty’s very own Uisce Beatha — or Water of Life.

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