Jon Stewart mocks hoodie-wearing cable news commentators: News Jedi or Sith Lord?

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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In the wake of Florida youth Trayvon Martin’s death, some pundits have begun sporting hoodies while on live television.

This hasn’t go unnoticed by Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, who mocked the gesture during his Monday show because he sees it as an excuse for cable news personalities to become part of the story.

“One way that people around the country have demonstrated solidarity with Trayvon Martin’s family’s search for a thorough investigation for justice was by donning hoodies. which is what Trayvon was wearing that night,” Stewart said. “It’s an effective and moving gesture when practiced by ordinary citizens or the Miami Heat basketball team. Not so much from these guys — yes, give the people of cable news an excuse to join in a story and voila. We have our new favorite are game: News Jedi or Sith Lord?”

Stewart then picked four pundits and assigned them their “Stars Wars” personality:

  • Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC host — “Oh, oh she’s got braids. She’s definitely got to be a Jedi. Braids are a sign she was once a Padawan.”
  • Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Current TV host — “Oh, looking very Palpatine-esque if you will. But she was very nice when she was a guest on the program. I’m going to give her honorary Jedi.”
  • Keith Olbermann, Current TV host — “Oh good God — Sith Lord, Sith Lord. That is a Sith Lord. I’m not saying Olbermann is a bad guy. I’m saying he’s more machine now than man — twisted, evil.”
  • Roland Martin, CNN contributor — “OK, that is a trick question. He is neither Jedi or Sith Lord. He’s too adorable. I’m going to go with Ewok.”

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