After a Twitter hack, ‘biebermyballs’ becomes a popular hashtag

Alex Myers Contributor
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No, it’s not a Justin Bieber death hoax, but could be something even worse: a Bieber Twitter hacking incident.

After the singer reached 19 million followers Tuesday, someone — who is clearly not a fan of the Biebs — hacked into his account and tweeted: “19 million my ass #biebermyballs,” a common hashtag for users that dislike Bieber.

According to ZD Net, the hacker in question then continued to unfollow some of the 100,000 users that Bieber follows and block them. The suspicious tweet was quickly deleted after it was posted.

“Biebermyballs” showed up on Twitter a few weeks ago when Carly Rae Jepson, singer of “Call Me Maybe,” mysteriously tweeted the phrase repeatedly.

Bieber paved the way for Jepsom’s stardom by making a YouTube video with his Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, and others hyping the single. Since it was that unlikely Jepson started the “biebermyballs” hashtag herself, it was since determined that her account was hacked as well.

Jepson’s hacker was never identified and it cannot be certain if it was the same person, or group of people, who hacked the Bieber’s account.

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