March Madness: Louisville fan assaults Kentucky fan at dialysis clinic

Eric McErlain Sports Blogger
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Whoever coined the term “March Madness” probably never envisioned it would spark a fist fight in a dialysis clinic.

But that’s exactly what happened earlier this week when two elderly gentlemen started bickering over who would win Saturday’s national semifinal in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament between the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky.

According to police reports, Ed Wilson, a 68-year-old Kentucky fan, “flipped the bird” at Charles Taylor, 71, a Louisville fan, in the midst of an argument about the game. Taking offense, Taylor took a punch at Wilson, who was already hooked up to a dialysis machine at a clinic in Georgetown, located just outside of UK’s hometown of Lexington.

After police arrived, Wilson apparently declined to press charges.

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