Hiker saved from mountain lion by bear he ‘befriended’

Alex Myers Contributor
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Bears are a man’s best friend. Isn’t that how the saying goes? No? Well that’s the story for a 69-year-old hiker in California who claims he was saved by a bear after being attacked by a mountain lion.

According to The Daily Mail, Robert Biggs was roaming through the woods in California when he stopped to watch a mother bear and her cub for a while. When he continued on his trek, he was surprised with the fangs of a mountain lion.

The big cat, which Biggs assumes was watching the bear cub, grabbed his backpack and tried to pull him down.

He tried to break free, hitting the lion with a rock pick, but it was to no avail. He got away, though, thanks to the mother bear he had just “befriended” coming to his rescue.

The bear pounced on the lion and sent it running into the woods. “They’re pretty territorial,” Biggs said. He believes the bear felt it had to protect him after he played with her cub.

“It stood up on its hind legs and put its paws up and I got to play patty-cake with it,” he recounted.

Biggs refused to go see a doctor, but has marks, scrapes and bruises as evidence of the attack.

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