Paul Ryan expected to endorse Mitt Romney

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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A reliable source tells TheDC that a Paul Ryan endorsement of Mitt Romney is imminent.

The timing seems to fit. Rep. Ryan wrapped up his Presidential Trust Duties today. The House just passed his budget. And with the Wisconsin primary right around the corner on Tuesday, Ryan’s endorsement could be doubly effective.

What is more, coming on the heels of Sen. Marco Rubio’s endorsement Wednesday night and President George H.W. Bush’s endorsement Thursday, this would be yet another example of the Republican old guard — and the up-and-coming conservative establishment — coalescing around Romney as the inevitable nominee.

Update: BuzzFeed reports that Ryan “has communicated to former Senator Rick Santorum that he will endorse Mitt Romney, according to a source familiar with the conversation.”

Additionally, the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin writes, “I have no doubt Rep.Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will soon endorse Mitt Romney.”

Update: A second source says to expect Ryan’s endorsement to come as early as Friday morning.

Matt K. Lewis