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Spike Lee apologizes for trying to hurt the wrong people

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It’s a start. Originally, Spike’s production company, 40 Acres and a Mule, merely issued a “No comment” when asked about it. But then this happened. Orlando Sentinel:

A couple who say they were forced to leave their home after director Spike Lee retweeted their address to his Twitter followers has hired the Morgan & Morgan law firm to represent them.

“At this point, they have retained us to protect their interests” and their safety, attorney Matt Morgan said of Elaine and David McClain, an elderly Sanford couple in their 70s…

Morgan declined Wednesday to discuss any possible future litigation on the couple’s behalf.

“The first thing they’re hoping for is an apology and a retraction by Spike Lee,” Morgan said, adding that the couple hope their story can help “heal the divide between the white and black community.”

Will Spike’s apology, using the same medium he used to drive the McClains from their home in the first place, be sufficient? Stay tuned.

Marcus Higgins, the Los Angeles man who originally blasted out the McClains’ address to anyone who would listen on Twitter, has also apologized:

Well, it’s the thought that counts.

Your anger does not give you license to take justice into your own hands, even if you think that’s what somebody else has done. Maybe these guys have learned that lesson, or maybe they’re just worried about getting sued. Either way, it’s something for everybody else to remember.

Update: Will Obama return the $1.6 million raised by Spike Lee, at Obama’s request? These are the rhetorical questions, folks.

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