This is a secure border?

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Joke fence: Here’s some of the 700 miles of border fence the Obama administration takes credit for. “Your grandma could get over or under,” notes Mark Krikorian. [H]eck, I have gone over and under.” This unimpressive barrier is only designed to stop cars, not pedestrians, but it doesn’t stop cars either. Where taller, more formidable fences have been installed–and they have been in many places, Krikorian says–they’ve worked.  …

Krikorian’s an immigration hawk but hasn’t been a big fence promoter, and his report from Arizona seems sensible and balanced. Conclusion:

We are nowhere close to the kind of control over our frontiers that is a prerequisite — but only one of the prerequisites — for starting a discussion about amnesty for those illegals already here. At the same time, things have gotten better …

Mickey Kaus