Woman on phone with Trayvon Martin says he ran from Zimmerman

Kalyn McMackin Contributor
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The young woman who spoke with Trayvon Martin on the phone before his death is claiming that he ran away from what Martin called “this crazy looking white dude” before he was fatally shot by George Zimmerman.

Identified only as “DeeDee,” the 16-year-old girl say that, despite being the last person to have talked to Martin before he died, she has not been contacted by police.

In an interview featured on Anderson Cooper 360, ABC news correspondent Matt Gutman explains in his own words what the young women told him.

The young women described to Gutman that she had heard Martin running away from Zimmerman. Martin then explained to her that he thought he had lost Zimmerman until he “was on his tail again.”

She further said that she heard Zimmerman confront Martin and ask him he was doing in the neighborhood. According to the young woman, the next thing she heard was what seemed to be a “scuffle” between the two before the phone fell and hit the grass.

The phone shortly went dead and she “never heard from him again.”

The girl’s account of what happened would seem to contradict Zimmerman’s claim that he was attacked from behind after turning away from Martin.

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