Coulter likens Zimmerman ‘lynch mob’ to another Democratic Party ‘outgrowth’: The KKK

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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The so-called “Justice for Trayvon Martin” movement has had its share of stumbles along the way, from Spike Lee’s tweet of shooter George Zimmerman’s incorrect home address to other social networking vigilantes calling for Zimmerman’s death.

On Friday’s “The Laura Ingraham Show,” conservative commentator Ann Coulter, author of “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America,” gave her reaction to the events and likened them to the rise of the Ku Klux Klan as an “outgrowth” of the Democratic Party.

“It’s shocking,” she said. “I mean it is a lynch mob. This isn’t how we try cases in this country. And you know, the last time you saw this sort of thing on a regular basis was again of course from the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party’s outgrowth, the KKK. So, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that we get this from the Democrats. They have never bought into the criminal justice system where you have grand jurors and a procedure where evidence is vetted and police look at it and prosecutors and grand jurors.”

One of the goals of the so-called “lynch mob” has been for Zimmerman to be arrested and tried for killing Martin. But Coulter, who practiced law, explained that not every incident goes to trial.

“This idea that we just want a trial — well, not everything goes to trial,” she said. “How about we have a trial on what Chris Matthews’ IQ is? No, that doesn’t fit in with what the criminal justice system is designed to address. And if the cops and the prosecutor look at a case, look at the evidence and conclude that we don’t have probably cause for an arrest, there won’t be a trial. It’s just a cop-out to say, ‘Well all we want is a trial.’”

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