Chevy Chase to ‘Community’ creator: ‘F*ck you’

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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It looks like there is trouble brewing in the Greendale Community College “Community.”

A heated voicemail left by actor Chevy Chase for “Community” creator Dan Harmon leaked online over the weekend, revealing a troubling rift between the veteran comedian and the series showrunner, Deadline reports.

During the third season wrap party, Harmon reportedly made a speech where he gave Chase a big “fuck you” after the actor reportedly refused to film a final scene because he didn’t like the writing.

Chase’s wife and daughter were present at the party, so the actor stormed out — and that is when things got even more tense.

Chase then called and left Harmon a volatile voicemail, in which he calls Harmon a “fat fuck” and says that the writing on the show is an “abomination.”

He continues: “I don’t get talked to like that by anybody — certainly not in front of my wife and daughter you goddamn asshole alcoholic, fat shit…I have nothing to say to you except you can suck my cock.”

Chase was considered the biggest name on the series when “Community” first aired in 2009. Now, the show has solidified other members of the ensemble cast, like Joel McHale, as potentially big stars.

The hostile relationship is bad news for the series, since NBC has yet to renew the series for a fourth season. However, since Comedy Central recently inked a syndication deal to show reruns of “Community” with NBC, this gives the network financial incentive to grant the series a fourth season.

Devout fans of the show took to social media outlets after the third season went on a month’s long hiatus, giving fans doubts about the future of the series. However, the show debuted to its best ratings yet when the third season started up again on March 15.

Could this mean the end of “Community,” or will there be a darkly humorous death for Chase’s character, Pierce Hawthorne?

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