Romney ‘fastidiously’ cleans germs off gym equipment

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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An amusing anecdote about what Mitt Romney is like behind closed doors is revealed in a soon-to-be released book about the 2012 campaign.

He’s a clean freak when it comes to sweat.

The Daily Caller obtained a copy of the new eBook — “Inside the Circus” — which describes a light-hearted story about how the GOP presidential front-runner “fastidiously” cleans gym equipment before and after working out.

“Gym-goers typically assume that the previous user has wiped down the equipment, but not Romney,” authors Mike Allen and Evan Thomas write about a Feb. 22 trip Romney took an Arizona gym.

“He fastidiously cleaned the elliptical trainer to make sure it was free of germs, both before and after his workout,” the authors write.

Romney, according to the book, also works out while listening “to something on earphones attached to his iPad.”

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