Man has sex in bar, gets in fight, bites off bartender’s finger

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Ernest Vannier wasn’t the only one to get a little action over the weekend.

The Glen Falls, N.Y. man was caught in the midst of a “sex act” (newspeak for a certain kind of  — um — job) in a “smoking room” at the Daily Double early Sunday morning.

Because sex acts in public are apparently a big no-no, Daily Double employees began to escort Vannier and his female companion out of the bar, when things got even weirder, The Times Union reports.

Vannier allegedly chomped down so hard on a bartender’s pinky finger that it fractured and was nearly severed entirely.

Glens Falls Police Sgt. Keith Knoop was the lucky officer (because, honestly, he would definitely win at the “you won’t believe what happened at work today” game) who responded to the early-morning incident, according to the Post Star. “[Vannier] took the whole end of it off and broke the bone,” Knoop said. Doctors were able to reattach the finger.

The odd series of events led to Vannier’s arrest, when he was charged with second degree assault.

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