Limbaugh: Olbermann ‘not a $10 million chandelier,’ but ‘the guy wearing a $50 lampshade’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On CBS’s “The Late Show” on Monday night, former MSNBC and Current TV host Keith Olbermann explained to host David Letterman why he wasn’t a good fit at former Vice President Al Gore’s network, comparing himself to a $10 million chandelier in a house unworthy of it.

But Rush Limbaugh had a different take on Olbermann’s analogy. On his Wednesday show, he gave his listeners his own interpretation of Olbermann’s remarks. (RELATED: Olbermann compares himself to a $10 million chandelier)

“Did you hear that Keith Olbermann was on Letterman last night?” Limbaugh asked. “And he said, ‘I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have gone to Gore’s network. I was like the $10 million chandelier.’ And what he meant was ‘I’m a $10 million a year’ — because he’s getting $10 million a year for five years. ‘I’m a $10 million a year chandelier, but I’m nothing if you don’t put me in the right room.’”

Limbaugh said that analogy was incorrect, and Olbermann is not a high-dollar chandelier, but rather more along the lines of a lampshade.

“Keith, you are not a $10 million chandelier,” Limbaugh said. “You’re the guy wearing a $50 lampshade sitting in the corner of the room that nobody else wants to go in. That’s what you are — not a $10 million chandelier.”

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