Dean: GOP is ‘gay-bashing, Muslim-bashing, Latino-bashing, immigrant-bashing, women-bashing’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Wednesday’s “The ED Show” on MSNBC, former Vermont Governor and DNC Chairman Howard Dean accused Republicans of “bashing” essentially every minority group beyond the black community, and argued that rhetoric will hurt the GOP down the road.

“See, here’s what the big problem is — you’re right about 40 and 50-year-olds and even 35-year-olds,” Dean told host Ed Schultz. “But under 35, even though they have a fiscal stake in trying to get the country back in order. This party, the Republican Party, is gay-bashing, Muslim-bashing, Latino-bashing, immigrant-bashing, women-bashing every day.”

“And so, the young people are just not going to vote for Romney because they’re not going to — they think insurance should actually pay for birth control, they don’t — their friends are gay, Muslim, Latino and so forth and so on. They’re sick of this stuff. They hate this kind of politics. So the Republicans are playing to a very, very narrow audience and they just made it a lot worse in this primary.”

Schultz then asked if this image will factor into who the Republican Party will select as their vice presidential nominee this fall.

SCHULTZ: So, does this mean that Romney is going to have to pick a woman or a Latino?
DEAN: I would, if I were him. I’d take a close look at Susana Martinez, the New Mexico governor. Probably look at Rubio. A close look at the governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval …
SCHULTZ: He’s got problems.
DEAN: With the numbers that he’s got in the Hispanic community, he can’t be president, even if he could make it up to women, and women are not going to forget that the Republican Party basically doesn’t like birth control pills.

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