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Don Cheadle is ticked off about NBC’s editing “error” with the George Zimmerman 911 tape

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It says something about Hollywood, and about the George Zimmerman case, that it’s so surprising to see a Hollywood actor talking common sense about the George Zimmerman case.

As the invaluable new Twitter aggregator Twitchy.com notes, Don Cheadle is not buying what NBC is selling:

Some people seem to think what NBC did is okay, because they’re convinced they know what’s in Zimmerman’s heart and exactly what happened that night. Some people think it’s okay for NBC to change the audio of Zimmerman answering a police dispatcher’s question into a racist motive. Some people even buy NBC’s claim that it wasn’t done intentionally.

Thanks to Don Cheadle for another reminder that not everybody in Hollywood is an idiot. It can be easy to forget. But don’t worry, you guys:

Hey, if being honest and showing some sense makes people mistake you for a right-winger…

P.S. Also, he pretty much saved Iron Man 2 single-handedly.

P.P.S. And now, yet another piece of rock-solid evidence against Zimmerman is falling apart: CNN enhances Zimmerman 911 call again – and reporter now doubts racial slur was used. It sure is embarrassing when you jump to conclusions and have to tiptoe back.