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Hey, remember Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

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You know. This guy.

Yeah, him. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about him. What’s he been up to? CNN has the latest:

The United States on Wednesday announced charges against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, accused of orchestrating the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and four others accused of involvement in the plot.

“If convicted, the five accused could be sentenced to death,” the Defense Department said in a statement…

The charges allege that the five are “responsible for the planning and execution of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, in New York, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pa., resulting in the killing of 2,976 people,” the statement said.

The five accused are charged with “terrorism, hijacking aircraft, conspiracy, murder in violation of the law of war, attacking civilians, attacking civilian objects, intentionally causing serious bodily injury, and destruction of property in violation of the law of war. The convening authority has referred all charges to a joint trial.”

The convening authority, the Office of Military Commissions, referred charges to a capital military commission, the department said.

Well, that was quick.

We’ve had KSM in custody for 9 years. Why is this only happening now?

Wednesday’s action is a refiling of charges against the accused conspirators. The military initially charged Mohammed in 2008, but President Barack Obama stopped the case as part of his effort to close the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay.

Unable to close the center, Obama attempted to move the case to federal court in New York in 2009, only to run into a political firestorm. The plan was dropped after complaints about cost and security.


“B-b-but… BIN LADEN. Shut up, you stupid teabaggers!!”

Poor KSM. First he became a lib martyr over waterboarding, and now this indignity. If you’re more willing to give Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the benefit of the doubt than George Zimmerman, you might be a liberal.