Ann Coulter on gender politics: Democrats ‘can’t get men to vote for them’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Sunday’s “Fox & Friends,” Ann Coulter warned Republicans not to buy into Democrats’ claims that the GOP has a so-called “gender gap” problem.

Coulter, the author of “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America,” said the GOP isn’t too socially conservative to win the women’s vote and shouldn’t shift its policies to close that imagined “gender gap.”

“I think the mistake Republican politicians make because they get harangued so much about how the gender gap, the gender gap, is to try to be more liberal on social issues — thinking that will appeal to women voters,” Coulter said.

“But women voters are not a bell curve, you know, the jaded feminists who are never going to vote Republican. But on the other side, I mean if — look, the socially conservative organizations like Eagle Forum and Christian Coalition and Daughters of the American Revolution — they’re are all very, very conservative and, which is why people like Jesse Helms and Ronald Reagan rarely had a gender gap, as they call it, whereas moderate Republicans like William Weld and Christine Todd Whitman do.”

Meanwhile, she said, the other side of the equation is overlooked: The Democratic Party has a problem with getting a majority of the male vote.

“And secondly we talk about the gender gap, the Democrats have — they can’t get men to vote for them,” she continued. “I mean, I assume because Obama won so big, he probably got a majority of the men’s votes, but I didn’t look that up. Other than him, Democrats haven’t gotten the majority of men to vote for them since 1944, other than the 1964 landslide.”

Coulter, a supporter of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, also noted that although there is a trend of Republicans losing the independent vote according to a recent Gallup poll, the four previous polls showed Romney outdoing Obama and that got little notice.

“This is the fifth poll, a poll is taken every month by Gallup, of independent voters in the swing states and, in the first three, Mitt Romney — and he’s not even our nominee yet, by the way — was crushing President Obama. They were about tied last month, and, Obama finally pulled ahead, this month. So for one thing, why didn’t we hear about the other polls that were so bad for Obama?”

“Something seems to have happened, though and yeah, Romney should care about it. I don’t know, it’s probably the contraception, the slut thing from Limbaugh. That probably affected it, but I wouldn’t worry about the last one of five polls that are taken month-to-month.”

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