Cain sort-of endorses Romney

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain seemed to throw his support behind Mitt Romney Tuesday morning, saying it was time for the party to unite in supporting the former Massachusetts governor.

Speaking on Fox News, Cain said, “The numbers are on Mitt Romney’s side, and yes, I am always saying, I will support whoever the nominee is, and it looks like Mitt Romney’s going to be that nominee, and we do need to get behind him.”

After dropping out, Cain originally threw his endorsement to “the people,” in the week before the South Carolina primary. Later, he gave his nod to Newt Gingrich. Gingrich is still in the race, but Cain indicated Tuesday that he felt it was time for the primary to end, so that Republicans can focus on the more important goal of beating President Barack Obama.

“I remind people all the time… keep your eye on the mission, and the mission is to get control of the Senate, maintain control of the House, and defeat Barack Obama,” Cain said. “That means get behind the nominee. So yes, I’m reading to get behind the nominee.”

Cain joins the list of people who have given half-hearted endorsements of Romney; rather than singing the candidate’s praises, they cite math and the necessity of avoiding damage to the future nominee by dragging out a bruising primary.