Mark Levin on Santorum’s exit: ‘The Republican establishment got its way’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Tuesday radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin, author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” reacted to former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum effectively ending his campaign with an announcement in Gettysburg, Pa., calling for his listeners to be “realists.” Levin had been an outspoken critic of Mitt Romney, but conceded that Romney’s likely nomination was a win for the so-called Republican establishment. (RELATED: In search of the ‘Republican establishment’)

“Well the Republican establishment got its way,” Levin said. “The Republican establishment has won yet again. Some of you are very upset about it. Some of you are self-delusional — not many. Some of you are thinking, ‘Well, what you mean? This is conservatism.’ No it’s not. Just because you’re not Obama doesn’t mean you’re a conservative or a constitutionalist.”

But instead of dwelling on the pros and cons of Romney, Levin encouraged his listeners to focus on defeating President Barack Obama in the upcoming election.

“But in this election, ladies and gentlemen, we have to be realists,” he continued. “And the reality is this country will not survive as free — our private property rights will be incredibly diminished; our Constitution will be abused daily; you will be more frustrated than ever before with fewer liberties and fewer rights than ever before — if we do not defeat Barack Obama. It’s that simple. There’s nothing complex about this.”

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