No charges against Orioles’ Batman field jumper [VIDEO]

Rosella Age Contributor
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The Baltimore Orioles managed to pull of a 4-2 victory against the Minnesota Twins on their opening day at Camden Yards, but not before Gotham City’s hero rushed the field.

A man garbed in Batman undies and a cape pranced around the outfield for several minutes while fans sang “Seven Nation Army,” according to the Washington Post.

The man, whose name according to the police report is Mark Harvey, was slowly surrounded by Baltimore Police, who are instructed not to chase streakers so as not to become part of the spectacle.

Although Harvey was released without charge for his striking Opening Day performance, he did not escape an overnight stay in jail and a banning from the stadium for life.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Oriole’s attorney spokesman Mark Cheshire said the man’s exemption of punishment was a result of miscommunication, and it won’t happen again.

“We cannot overemphasize that it is a crime to trespass on the field at Oriole Park at Camden Yards,” Cheshire explained, “and we will prosecute individuals who go on the field in violation of the law in the future.”

Some agree that there is a price to be paid for rushers disrupting the ball game.

“[People] like this should be sentenced to a month in jail,” someone responded under the YouTube video.

Others, however, side with Harvey.

“It is sad that for an entire generation of Orioles fans,” another commented, “this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened at a game.”

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