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Here’s that super-secret Romney video (CONTENT WARNING)

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My friends, bear witness to the footage that some brave, anonymous Fox News employee has risked his career to bring us:


The Derrick Bell video was just “Obama hugging a black guy.” But this? This is the Zapruder film. This is the missing 18 minutes. This is big, people.

Having money is bad unless you’re a Democrat. And honoring your agreement with your employer is good unless they don’t kowtow to the Democrats. I’m beginning to detect a pattern…

P.S. The mole’s latest bombshell: Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have his own bathroom.

P.P.S. Fox News spokesman says they’ve found the mole. I’m surprised. I figured we’d wake up to the news. Before the mole is outed, maybe he can squeeze out a post on the lack of coffee stirrers in the Fox News breakrooms.