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NBC Manufacturing New Attack on Remington

Michael Piccione Contributor
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On the heels of Edit-gate – the latest embarrassing, erroneous  and unprofessional reporting by NBC  in which reporters edited a 911 phone call, which is still under investigation, to suit their agenda –  the network appears to be back at it, this time  manufacturing  news stories against Remington Arms.

The Daily Caller has learned that NBC is preparing an attack on Remington – its second in two years.  The hit piece is said to allege problems with the fire control mechanism in the Remington model 870, 1100 and 1187 firearms.  Folks, as one of the 20 million Americans who happen to own these very firearms, I’m left wondering what an investigative reporter from New York City knows about these guns that the rest of us don’t.  These firearms have been in production for nearly 60 years and continue to be used extensively by military, law enforcement and sportsmen.

In taking a second look at this story, I saw that the reporter is none other than Scott Cohn, the same “journalist” who tried to make a name for himself attacking the Remington 700 in 2010.  Of course we all know how well that turned out for the network – after its airing, from what I heard,  sales of Remington firearms increased.

Thankfully by now gun owners understand the deep anti-gun bias at NBC.