Chris Christie vows to push education reform, even if it sacrifices his career

Alexa Fee Contributor
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New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie vowed Wednesday to fight for education reform in his state, even if it means sacrificing his political career.

In a press conference in Bridgewater, Christie addressed his commitment to reforming the public school system and told voters that if they did not like it, then they should vote for someone else.

“I’m never going to pretend to be anything other than what I am, and I’m going to fight for those kids in those failing schools,” he said.

His reasons for helping the students in failing schools are personal. Christie was born in Newark in 1962. When he was five years old, his parents moved to Livingston, New Jersey, borrowing the money for the down payment on their house from Christie’s grandparents.

“They did it because they wanted me to get the best public education I could, and I know that if they hadn’t done that, and I’d stayed in Newark and gone to Newark public schools, I probably would not be standing here as governor now,” he said.

He said that his election in 2009 made him wonder how many children will be unable to reach their goals not because they lack the skills but because they lack the education.

He also attacked the current “educational establishment,” which, according to Christie, prevents students from getting the education they need “just protect the status quo.”

“Well, I reject that, and if it costs me my political career, so be it. At least I sacrificed my career on the altar of something that matters,” he said.

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