Former flight attendant sued for releasing confidential passenger information

Alexa Fee Contributor
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American Airlines is suing a former flight attendant for releasing confidential information about airline passengers on his blog.

The company filed the suit on Tuesday, NBC reported. The suit alleges that Gailen David, a former flight attendant for the airline, published passenger information — including names, dates of flight, and flight destinations — on his blog, which is a violation of American Airline’s confidentiality policy.

David had become known for his parody video series that made fun of passengers and airline management.

Bruce Hicks, a spokesman for American Airlines, told The Daily Caller that David was fired in March for violating the airline’s confidentiality policy. The airline denies that the videos were a factor in his termination.

“The travel information of American Airlines’ passengers is considered both private and confidential, regardless of their relationship to the company,” Hicks said in an official statement.

David had also made allegations that airline executives were given precedence over paying customers, even bumping passengers that had already purchased their tickets. The airline denies these allegations.

David claimed to have received the information from several “moles” in the company. The airline has charged a number of unnamed individuals in the suit with the intention of adding them to the lawsuit as they are identified.

“When it comes out how I was receiving that information, it’s going to be very embarrassing to American Airlines because I was never getting information from the company’s computers,” he said.

However, David denied that his information came from employees, and will continue to fight the lawsuit.

“I will not stop,” he said. “American Airlines knows that I am a force to be reckoned with, and they are trying to shut me down.”

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