John Stossel: I left ABC ‘because it sucked there’

Alex Myers Contributor
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Former ABC News reporter John Stossel, in an interview with The Heritage Foundation, explained why he left ABC and how he arrived at Fox News.

Stossel left ABC in 2009 after working there for 28 years “because it sucked,” he said.

“They were hostile to these ideas that made us prosperous and I consider so important. They tolerated me for years,” said Stossel, “but by the end they were saying ‘Oh, you’re so predictable Stossel, you want to use libertarian economics all the time.’”

A turning point for Stossel came when he did a segment called “Stupid in America” about school choice. He said the show received good ratings and five years later he wanted to do a follow-up, to which ABC News said no.

Stossel said his education reform follow-up was spiked because Michael Jackson had died and ABC wanted to interview his mother and do a show to prove he was really dead.

That’s when he went to Fox. “I was not offered a job by Fox,” he said. “I went over there and begged ‘Please hire me, I can’t stand it anymore.’”


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