French presidential candidate launches ‘Ni*gas in Paris’ campaign [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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In the words of Kanye West and Jay-Z, “That shit cray.”

French Socialist presidential candidate François Hollande debuted a campaign video set to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s hit song, “Niggas In Paris.”

The video, which translates in English to “48 Hours with François Hollande,” features the candidate making campaign stops and his supporters excitedly talking about him.

While there are moments of the song that are blocked out with audio clips from his speeches and supporters, most of the song’s extremely explicit lyrics (“nigga,” “motherfucker,” “shit,” to name a few) are still in tact. Although the song is in English, the explicit words are hardly new to French ears.

“48 Hours with François Hollande” features supporters of several different races, and the video could be designed to show that Hollande is the candidate black immigrants should support over President Nicolas Sarkozy, who was elected during a time of racial tension in Paris. After mostly Northern African immigrants burned Parisian suburbs for days on end in 2005, then- interior minister Sarkozy’s popularity soared when he said that he would clean out the suburbs “with a power hose.”

“Got my niggas in Paris,” reads one lyric, “And they going gorillas.”

The video currently has over 85,000 views on YouTube, and has a sizable number of “dislikes.”

Hollande is currently favored to beat out incumbent president Sarkozy in the April 22 election.



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