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Has Hilary Rosen asked Hillary Clinton for her cookie recipe yet?

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“I’m not sittin’ here, some little woman standin’ by my man like Tammy Wynette.”

“I suppose I could’ve stayed home and baked cookies and had teas.”

And now, the little girls whose moms Hillary Clinton insulted in 1992 are old enough to be insulted by Hilary Rosen. Presumably, their daughters can expect the same treatment from whoever’s at the top of the Dem establishment in 2032. Or maybe by then, the Dems will have finally learned from their mistakes. Just kidding!

It’s not fair to point out that liberals have a visceral contempt for people who make different choices than they do. We need to stop fighting this phony war they’ve started, now that they’re losing it.

Update: Now the White House is all like, “Hilary who? Funny stuff. Courtesy of Sean Davis:

Et tu, Axey?


First the lie: There is no “again.” Her “apology” yesterday was nothing of the sort. She was just lashing out at the “faux” and “phony” response to her words. Then the petulant, spiteful self-pity — “See? I’m staying home too, you dummyheads!” — which tends to blunt the impact of an apology. No wonder this woman is considered an expert in public relations.