Matthew Lesko says he gets free money from the Chinese government [VIDEO]

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Famed “free money” king Mathew Lesko gets free government money himself — but from the Chinese government, not just the American government.

“You can always find a government-subsidized program to do almost anything,” Lesko told The Daily Caller in an interview in TheDC’s Washington office.

Lesko explained that he wanted to learn Chinese to keep his mind fresh but didn’t want to spend oodles of money to do so.

“I was looking for, you know, a low-cost class or something,” he explained.

“You go to a university it would be 1,500 bucks for a class, and these private schools will be 1,000 bucks. Even — what is it? — Rosetta Stone is a couple hundred bucks or something like that. So I called the Chinese embassy.”

Lesko discovered he could get Chinese language lessons “almost for free, almost for nothing,” subsidized by the Chinese government.

“Call a government bureaucrat, man, they know where all the free stuff is,” Lesko exclaimed.

“They have something called the Confucius Institute. There are like 700 of them around the world. There is one in the University of Maryland here. There is one at George Mason University. A hundred bucks, now it’s like 120, 150 bucks — that’s all it is. And it’s wonderful.”

Lesko is very happy with the instruction.

“The teachers are professional teachers from China,” he said. “So it is not some American, you know, trying to teach it. It’s only about four, five of us in the class, you know, and I go down to American University. And it’s wonderful.”

Lesko did not say whether he plans to expand his “free money” operation to other countries around the world or expand his American operation to show how Americans can get free money from foreign governments.

Check out TheDC’s full interview with Lesko next week.

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