Alec Baldwin: Working for Capital One ‘might not have been the smartest move’ [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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Actor and political activist Alec Baldwin, a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement, admitted that taking a job as a spokesperson for Capital One bank “might not have been the smartest move” but said they have been “wonderful partners” in funding the arts.

“Becoming a spokesperson for a bank at the time of the banking collapse and at the genesis moment of the Occupy Wall Street moment was not a goal of mine in my career. I want to assure you of that,” said Baldwin, who appeared at Occupy protests and wrote columns in support of the movement.

“It might not have been the smartest move in my life to go do a commercial for a bank but they’ve been great partners with me. They’ve helped me shape the content of the commercials. They’ve just been wonderful, wonderful partners for me. They really help me publicize and promote the fact that we’re giving the money to arts related organizations.”

Baldwin explained why he decided to work with Capital One.

“I was on a television show every week so I thought now is the time. When I’m off TV, I’m going to be off TV for a while,” he said.  (SEE ALSO: Alec Baldwin’s stalker nabbed by the law)

Another reason Baldwin said he took the job was because he realized audiences are “probably plenty sick” of him and would not get any “sicker” in the future.

“Maybe I’m wrong about that by the way,” he quipped.

“I funneled all of the proceeds I got from them toward arts funding.” Baldwin added. “I gave all that money to arts related organizations and I’m doing another round with them.”

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