Canseco goes off deep end with tweets on Titanic and global warming

Eric McErlain Sports Blogger
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Staying in the public eye is a tough job for fading celebrities like Jose Canseco. With nothing new to say about steroids in baseball, Canseco has to put in extra work in order to attract headlines, and he hit something of a metaphorical home run over the weekend when he spouted off about how global warming could have saved the R.M.S. Titanic from sinking 100 years ago.

As first reported earlier today by the Washington Free Beacon, Canseco took to Twitter to lament the state of the planet and the fate of the ship. “Titanic 100 years wOw. Global warming couldve saved titanic,” he tweeted. When his followers began to berate him, the former MLB All-Star shot back, “You clowns it’s very simple. With global warning the weather is hotter so the icebergs would be melted and titanic saved.”

Even then, Canseco wasn’t finished. “100 years ago people actually cared about planet and respected nature. Now we can care less and consume energy like it’s free,” he tweeted, and then followed up with, “Titanic reminds me of the days I had two yachts in Miami but no icicles.”

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