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Obama needs a vacation from questions about his vacations

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The great thing about narcissists is that they’re fueled by spite. When you embarrass a narcissist and therefore damage his ego, he can’t help but try to get back at you. Even if he ends up hurting only himself.

Last week, in an interview with reporter Larry Conner from KMOV in St. Louis, this happened:

Oh yeah? Ya think so, do ya? Well, take this, commoners:

Never let it be said that Obama hasn’t created any jobs. Somebody has to build the Republican attack ads using his own words.

By the way, President Obama, you did have a choice about needing Secret Service protection. You made that choice when you decided to run for president. So how about giving those guys a break? They’ve got enough problems right now…

For the sake of Obama 2012, I hope these stumbles in the early days of the head-to-head campaign don’t indicate their plan for the next 6 months. Will they really keep trying to brand Romney and his family as out-of-touch elitists while Obama brags about all the taxpayer-funded vacations he and his family take?

In the words of the mighty Iowahawk:

Have fun paying your taxes, America.

(Hat tip: The Blaze)

P.S. Just keep talkin’, Barry: