The real Mitt Romney may appear on SNL

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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As the Republican primaries wind down, some are concerned by the lack of enthusiasm for likely GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

No, not conservatives. Saturday Night Live writers. It turns out that neither Romney — nor President Obama — provide the same level of comedic gold that Sarah Palin did during the last presidential election. (RELATED: SNL bids farewell to GOP presidential contenders with Green Day parody)

“I don’t think it’s going to be as much fun as 2000 and 2008,” SNL writer Jim Downey told the New York Times.

“When you have an incumbent president, it’s not wholly new. And because of the long Republican primary debate stretch, I’m already tired of Romney. I wish there could be a crazy brokered convention with someone we’ve never heard of to keep it fresh. But you don’t get a gift like Sarah Palin very often, and I’m sure it’ll never happen again.”

One exciting prospect for the regular election season, however, is if Mitt Romney himself stops by. According to the Times, SNL producer Lorne Michaels offered the likely GOP candidate a guest spot, and he is thinking about it.

“He was funny on Letterman, giving the Top Ten list,” Downey said.

While most public figures take a beating on SNL, there is something likable about a candidate who makes an appearance on the show in the midst of all of the sketches making fun of him. In 2008, both Palin and Sen. John McCain appeared on SNL. For Romney, an appearance could make him more appealing if he is willing to make fun of himself.

And if he doesn’t take the bait, SNL will go right on making fun of him, whether he is in on the joke or not.

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