Don’t worry, Pippa Middleton probably won’t go to jail

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Pippa Middleton is used to getting a lot of attention. But it wasn’t until yesterday that she received some negative attention. (RELATED: Pippa Middleton may face jail time over gun incident in Paris)

Middleton and her perky posterior were sitting in the passenger seat of an Audi in Paris over the weekend when the driver pulled out a gun and aimed it directly at a photographer. The photos of the incident are pretty damning, and everyone was up in arms over the thought of poor Pippa in prison.

DON’T WORRY. The handgun in question is reportedly fake, and it was all part of a little game that Kate’s sister’s crew was playing on the paparazzi.

A spokesman for one of the other Audi passengers told The Associated Press that the gun was a fake and that the photographers were aware of that. Paris police have not received a formal complaint, and are not investigating the incident.

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