John Edwards outgrows $500 haircut, goes to Supercuts

Alex Myers Contributor
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John Edwards, of course known for his sordid extramarital affair with a former campaign worker, is also famous for something else — his pricey hair cuts.

It seems the consequences of his 2011 indictment on six felony charges has become too much for the former senator as he is now resorting to $12.95 haircuts as opposed to the $500 he previously spent, the New York Post reports.

Edwards, who in his more popular days used to go to Beverly Hills’ Joseph Torrenueva for a cut, has now been seen at Supercuts in Raleigh, North Carolina for what looks like the exact same ‘do.

Despite how much he spends to look pretty, that man really loves his hair. Here, watch him comb it for a good two minutes.

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