Texas city lets boy with leukemia be Batman for a day [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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A city in Texas helped a little boy’s dream come true.

Arlington, Texas city officials, policemen and firemen all pitched in to let a boy named Kye, who suffers from leukemia, be Batman for a day.

The nonprofit organization A Wish With Wings organized the day with help from several actors and cameramen.

Clad in a miniature Batman outfit, Kye helped rid the city of crime by apprehending the Joker during a bank robbery, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He also thwarted a purse-snatcher outside the Arlington police station, and stopped a plan by the Riddler to bomb a car outside city hall.

After all his crime-stopping adventures, Arlington Assistant Chief James Hawthorne gave Kye a key to the city.

When asked how he felt about being Batman, Kye had a few words, “I just want to say — that was fun.” But the look of happiness on his face at the end of the video said at least a thousand more.


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