Afghan terrorist turns himself in for $100 reward

Alex Myers Contributor
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Mohammad Ashan, a Taliban commander in Paktika province in Afghanistan, must have really needed some money.

He walked to a security point filled with police, pointed to a wanted poster with his face on it, and demanded the finder’s fee.

According to the Washington Post, Afghan officials arrested him on the spot because the man on the poster is wanted for plotting two attacks on Afghan security forces.

Perplexed by the man’s blunt admission, Specialist Matthew Baker said, “We asked him, ‘Is this you?’ Mohammad Ashan answered with an incredible amount of enthusiasm, ‘Yes, yes, that’s me! Can I get my award now?’”

After a biometric scan, it was confirmed that Ashan was in fact the man in the poster and, no, he did not receive any $100 reward.

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