Report: Zimmerman told cops Trayvon’s last words: ‘Okay, you got it’

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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Trayvon Martin‘s last words were, “Okay, you got it,” a law enforcement source told The Daily Beast.

The report offers fresh details about Zimmerman’s Feb. 26 shooting of Martin. The law enforcement source, an unnamed official who knows — and believes — Zimmerman’s account, said that he told three separate agencies the story of how Martin was killed.

Zimmerman, the source claimed, told police that he was confronted by Martin after following the 17-year-old and losing sight of him.

Martin punched Zimmerman, knocking him down. “Zimmerman told police that when he was on the ground, Martin straddled him, striking him, and then tried to smother him,” wrote Beast reporter Aram Roston.

That was when Zimmerman said he shouted for help, explained the source. Some of Martin’s advocates have insisted it was actually the teenager who was heard shouting on a 911 call made from within earshot of the scene.

Zimmerman claimed that it wasn’t until Martin noticed the 9mm pistol holstered to Zimmerman’s waist that the older man grabbed it and shot Martin.

“Okay, you got it,” Martin reportedly said twice before falling back. (RELATED: Full coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting)

At this point, the source explained, Zimmerman “lunged to get on top of” Martin, not realizing the severity of the 17-year-old’s injury.

Police arrived shortly after, cuffed Zimmerman, and took the gun.

That night, the Beast reported, Zimmerman underwent three police interviews, including one walk-through of the scene, complete with Zimmerman lying on his back and shouting for help.

“Afterward, three detectives grilled Zimmerman at police headquarters in their most thorough and hostile questioning, according to the source,” wrote Roston. “They told Zimmerman they didn’t believe him, the source said, and tried to poke holes in his story.”

It’s unclear at this point if they did.

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