Two teenage girls made the worst music video ever

Alex Myers Contributor
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Remember Rebecca Black of “Friday” fame? Remember how bad she was? Well, a new YouTube sensation called “Hot Problems” is definitely 100 percent worse than that.

Two teenage girls take to music — though it barely passes for music — to complain about being the perils of being hot. The lyrics seem to go something like this: “I know I have blonde hair and blue eyes and that I’m super pretty, but I wasn’t at that party so stop calling me a slut.” Except, they can’t actually say “slut” because they are maybe 12.

And we believe the chorus is: “Hot girls we have problems, too /We’re just like you, except we’re hot.”

It really just gets worse from there.

There’s nothing like watching a three minute video of teenage girls talking about how perfect they are. We did warn you about how horrible this video is — now we dare you not to watch it:



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