Mike Tyson impregnated prison official while doing time

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Today in gross news: While serving time behind bars for a rape charge in 1992, Mike Tyson impregnated a prison official.

The former boxing champion, convicted rapist, pigeon enthusiast and father of eight has been revealing disgusting details about his personal life during his one-man show, “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth” in Las Vegas.

But it was during a television interview that he revealed a startling nugget about his prison activities.

“[During the show] I didn’t talk about getting a prison official pregnant. Oh yeah. In prison, stuff happens. But she had no baby,” Tyson said in a post-show interview with ESPN’s Rick Reilly.

He also talked about the time he went on a morphine drip just for fun.

“I just liked morphine,” Tyson said, “but I had to take a lot of it because it didn’t stay in your system for a long time. … And I’d have my cocaine, and I had my marijuana, and I had my Cialis and Viagra and my little friends all sitting there. That’s just how I lived my life.”

Tyson’s antics on and off the ring have been well chronicled since he rose to boxing fame in 1986.

Now, he says he is reformed and lives a sober, vegan lifestyle. Since his new boring lifestyle won’t sell tickets, let’s hope he sticks to the juicy stuff during his Vegas shows.

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