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Michael Piccione Contributor
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Here is a wrap up of gun news you have not seen in the media. Please take note of the first article. It is the story of a friend of mine and what happens when you can’t defend yourself and a murderer doesn’t follow gun laws.

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TFA: Nashville Murder Case Highlights Need for Permissive Gun-Carry Laws

Hank Wise walked into Jonny’s Sports Bar in Nashville, pulled a handgun and shot Ben Goeser several times at point blank range.

Nikki Goeser was and is a handgun permit holder. Her weapon was in the car solely because Tennessee law at the time prohibited her from having her self-defense weapon with because she and Ben were working their Karaoke job at the restaurant which served beer. Ben’s life ended in that moment.

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Gun enthusiast shoots, kills armed intruder

A home invasion turned deadly after shots were fired Wednesday night at an apartment complex in Antioch.

The invasion and subsequent shooting happened just before 11 p.m. in the Brentridge Apartments on Bell Road.

Metro police said a masked and gloved gunman later identified as convicted drug felon Michael Martin knocked on the door of the apartment that Michael Moffitt shares with his girlfriend.

When the couple looked out of the peephole, it was covered from the outside.

Moffitt directed his girlfriend to the bedroom and told her to call police.

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Wisconsin:  Concealed carry to hit milestone 100,000th license

MADISON — The state Department of Justice will print the 100,000th concealed carry license today, just less than six months after the law took effect.

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Home invasion victims pull gun on robbers

The home invasion happened just before 2:30 a.m. Thursday. Deputies were dispatched to a double shooting in the 2100 block of Russell Drive near Trinity Way.

When they arrived, deputies found a 59-year-old woman shot in the neck and arm. A 65-year-old man was shot in the back and shoulder.

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Gun-toting granny sends burglar running

SAN ANTONIO — A burglary suspect on the city’s east side learned that even little old ladies may be packing heat.

San Antonio police said an 89-year-old woman woke early Thursday morning to somebody attempting to break through the front door of her home in the 400 block of Como. Startled, she quickly fetched her .38 caliber.

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Mother saves family from being slaughtered… by shooting her gun-toting husband first

Police have praised a woman who saved her family from being slaughtered by beating her husband to the draw in a shootout at their family home.

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