Saudi sports commentator: ‘Allah slaughter me’ before Saudi women enter Olympics

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While a few Americans might find women’s Olympic sports to be a little less exciting than men’s, likely none would take death over watching their countrywomen participate on the international stage.

That does not appear to be the case in the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In video provided to The Daily Caller and translated by the non-profit Middle East Media Research Institute, Saudi sports commentator Fahd Al-Raoughui explains in an interview on Saudi Arabia’s Line Sport TV that he would rather be “slaughtered by Allah” than see Saudi women participate in the Olympics.

“Woe betide whoever supports [Saudi women in the Olympics],” Al-Raoughui said.

According to Al-Raoughui, even if the women stick to their religious restrictions it would still be a travesty if they attend the games.

“What religious restrictions?” he said. “These women will mix with strangers… A woman’s beauty lies in her chastity, and in how she raises her children in the private kingdom of her home.”

Indeed, if women do participate it will turn the country into a “laughing stock,” according to the Al-Raoughui.

“Women may practice sports in accordance with the religious restrictions,” he said. “However, if a woman goes to the West, wears pants, mixes with strangers, practices sports, and exposes her nakedness… we may turn ourselves into laughing stocks, but I personally would much rather have Allah slaughter me before I see that day.”

Watch, courtesy of MEMRI:

In early April, The Associated Press reported that Saudi Arabia would not be sending any female competitors to the 2012 summer Olympics in London.

The International Olympic Committee is pressuring the Gulf state to include women on its Olympic team, The Telegraph reported last week.

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