Coulter mocks Elizabeth Warren’s Dem. ‘sex symbol’ status [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

In her latest ad promoting her candidacy to defeat Scott Brown in the upcoming election for Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat, Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren pits “big corporations” against college students strapped with loan debt.

On Tuesday’s “The Willis Report” on the Fox Business Network, conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter reacted to Warren’s ad by questioning Warren’s ascendancy in the Democratic Party, likening her to former Clinton administration attorney general, Janet Reno.

“Yes, that is excellent,” she said. “Go after one of Obama’s biggest contributors to make it totally believable. She is the new sex symbol of the Democratic Party the way Janet Reno once was. I don’t know what it is about these women. They love them.”

According to Coulter, frustrations should be aimed at the colleges and not corporations.

“Yes, corporate tax rates should go down but no, we shouldn’t be bailing out these students,” she said. “It is the damnedest thing. When gas prices go up, everybody blames oil companies. When college tuition goes up, why don’t we blame colleges? Go protest outside the professor’s houses, you morons — the endless administrators, diversity coordinators. I mean, why at least when oil goes up there is world market. There isn’t a world market for college tuition. They’re just living like, oh, a GSA employee.”

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