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#DontDoubleMyRate, huh?

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That’s the new Twitter hashtag that the White House’s social-media brainiacs just dreamed up. They’re encouraging people to use it to convince lawmakers to keep their student loan rates where they are. And hey, if taxpayers don’t like being stuck with the bill, too bad.

Hashtags are fun. I like hashtags. I like it when people in power think they can manipulate social networks, no matter how many times they fail. I like it when they keep stepping on all those rakes.

More here. Feel free to join in: #DontDoubleMyRate

Oh, and by the way:

Update: Ahhh, that’s more like it. Here are the top search results for #DontDoubleMyRate right now.

How many people does Obama have working on this? How much money is he spending? I don’t know, but I wish it was more. This is too easy.

Update: Forget #DontDoubleMyRate. How about #DontDisgraceTheOfficeOfThePresident?