Romney spent $18.50 for every primary vote

willrahn Contributor
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Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney not only raised more money than any of his GOP challengers, but also paid more for each vote he received than Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich combined, a new CNN Money report finds.

Romney garnered 4.1 million votes by the end of March after spending $76.6 million on his campaign, a number that comes out to $18.50 per vote. Santorum spent $18.7 million over the same period, or $6.50 for each of his 2.9 million votes. Gingrich’s $21 million was good for 2.2 million votes, or just under $10 per vote.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul, Romney’s last remaining challenger in the race, had the worst bang for his buck of the final four candidates. By the end of March, he had spent nearly $35 million on just 1.1 million votes at a whopping $32.40 per vote.

Paul also spent roughly $485,500 a head for each of his 72 delegates, while Romney spent $126,000 for each of his 607 delegates. Gingrich spent $150,000 for each of his 141 delegates and Santorum spent a comparatively paltry $71,000 on each one of his 264 delegates.

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