The Heart Attack Grill still lives up to its name

Alex Myers Contributor
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The Heart Attack Grill strikes again.

The Las Vegas restaurant’s slogan is “a burger to die for,” and so far this year it’s come close to living up to its name. According to a Nevada news outlet, ABC 13, a woman was eating a double bypass burger at the Heart Attack Grill when she — surprise! — had a heart attack. Yahoo! reports that the unnamed customer was simultaneously drinking a margarita and smoking a cigarette.

This is the second time this year a customer has left the restaurant on a stretcher. In February, a man eating a triple bypass burger had a heart attack and was taken out of the restaurant. He made a full recovery. The Grill’s owner, Jon Basso, said the second victim was in the hospital, but expected to recover.

The Heart Attack Grill is known for not holding back on its menu. Burgers are labeled as “Bypass burgers” and customers can choose how many bypasses they want.

The Quadruple Bypass burger has roughly 8,000 calories — about four times more than an average person should consume in a day.

In February, Basso said while there had been minor incidents in the past, nothing as severe as a heart attack had occurred before. Now that there’s been two, maybe they’ll cut back on the grease and bacon.

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