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POTUS gets MST’ied

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For the one or two non-nerds reading this, that stands for Mystery Science Theater 3000, the show that played awful old movies while some guys heckled them. Here are Bill Whittle and Andrew Klavan doing the same thing to The Road We’ve Traveled, the Obama campaign’s ridiculous, lie-filled, Tom Hanks-narrated propaganda film. Whittle & Klavan give it a generous dose of Pop-Up Video too:

I didn’t watch that dreck when it came out last month, so thanks to Whittle & Klavan for giving me an excuse. Wow, that’s the most embarrassing thing Tom Hanks has done since The Man with One Red Shoe. (Shut up, I liked Joe Versus the Volcano.) Fifty years from now, people will look back and wonder how a guy as seemingly smart as Hanks could’ve been so credulous. If there are still any functioning computers by then. Or the electricity to run them.

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Jim Treacher